The 24Hour Album

The 24 Hour Album Project 

 The 24 hour album project is a game of musicians and creative energy, the aim is to create a new band to write and record an album of totally original music from scratch inside the time frame of 24 hours. dozens of us took part and created a fantastic range of music.

Here is the album put out by Jowie and Lowri, going under the name "The Black Jags".
These 9 songs were recorded on their boat and on a good old 8 track and tape deck so excuse the lo-fi quality, blast it out of a good set of speakers or head phones, built in laptop speakers wont do it.
All of these 9 songs are written about recent events on the canal with the exception of track 1 which is about the kidnapping of the skeleton of Charlie Chaplin.

All words and music by Jowie and Lowri

Hope you like it x  

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Who Needs You.mp3

We Built A Road.mp3

Just Sing It.mp3

We're Hungover.mp3

Puddy Cat.mp3

Come And Find Me.mp3

Dance A Waltz With Winter.mp3

I Love You.mp3